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Vita Easyshade V

What is VITA Easyshade V

An effective restoration should match the patient's natural teeth. One of the challenges many dentists face is making sure the restorations match the color of the patient's natural teeth. If there's a mismatch, the restorative work doesn't appear seamless and patients can leave the dental clinic disappointed by the outcome of the procedure.

The VITA Easyshade V Process

This process of identifying and communicating the shade of the patient's teeth can be somewhat complicated. Some dentists use a tooth shade guide to help them match the color of the restorations to the patient's natural teeth. The shade guide is held up next to the patient's natural teeth for the dentist to judge which shade is the best fit. However, describing this shade to the technician responsible for coming up with the restoration can be difficult. This challenge arises due to several reasons. To start with, the human eye sees different colors depending on the lighting conditions. It's common for the tooth to look one way inside the dental office and different shade outside in the natural sunlight or in the dental lab. Additionally, the presence of other colors in the environment can make shade identification a difficult task. The shade of teeth may also appear different for patients with varying hair colors, lipstick or clothing.

At our dental clinic, we recognized the challenges that our dentists face and made efforts to invest in proper technology that helps them to perform exceptionally well at their work. We now use the latest innovation in dentistry known as VITA Easyshade spectrophotometer to help dentists identify the exact tooth shade and create restorations that blend perfectly with the patient's natural teeth.

Vita Easyshade V

What is the VITA Easyshade

This is an amazing system that works better than a standard spectrophotometer to identify the correct shade of tooth color. This system is not only ideal for dentists but offers patients better outcomes as well. It has multiple functions that hygienists and dental technicians can use such as reproducing the tooth shade for the final restorations.

At our dental clinic, we've invested in the best tools to provide our customers with an unmatched service. The VITA Easyshade V system allows our dentists to not only accurately determine the tooth color and shade but also reproduce it flawlessly when producing restorations or other procedures like whitening or making CAD/CAM filling materials.

It's a state-of-the-art system that comes with innovative software, high-quality sensors and allows dentists to calculate shades according to the American Dental Association.

The VITA Easyshade offers the following features:

  • Comes with a colored LED display and an easy to use touch screen
  • Immediately quantity and check VITA classical A1-D4 and VITA 3D-MASTER shades with one button touch
  • Offers tips on optimizing tooth shades
  • Has a Bluetooth interface to provide enhanced communication between the doctor and laboratory.
  • Confirm fabricated restorations quickly

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