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Cone Beam CT (3D Imaging)

What is Dental Cone Beam CT?

X-rays examinations are a common part of treatment during dental procedures. At our dental clinics, we've invested in state-of-the-art x-ray machines to give our dentists all the information they need to devise a proper treatment plan for the patient. The dental cone beam computed tomography is one of the x-ray machines used at one of our dental clinics whenever the regular dental or facial x-rays are not able to provide adequate information which the dentists need to recommend suitable treatment. This x-ray machine is popularly used because it emits low levels of radiation compared to other x-ray machines.

How the dental cone beam CT works

This x-ray machine was designed specifically for the small dental office setting. With this machine, dentists don't have to send their patients for a complete and costly CT scan. The machine has an x-ray beam that is cone-shaped which moves around the patient. Unlike the conventional CT, this x-ray doesn't offer dentists full diagnostic information regarding the patient's soft tissue structures such as the glands, muscles and nerves. However, it's preferred during dental appointments because dentists rarely need this additional information and it emits lower radiation levels.

Cone Beam CT 1
Cone Beam CT 2

What should you wear to the cone beam CT?

You may be asked by the dentist to wear a loose comfortable clothes and a lead apron if he/she orders the cone-beam CT during your appointment. You'll also be requested to get rid of any metal objects on your body. This includes things like eyeglasses, innerwear, hairpins, and dentures or any removable dental work you have. Metal objects can affect the CT images.

Keep in mind that dental imaging is not recommended for pregnant mothers. Let your dentist, radiologist or imaging technician know if you are pregnant and advice on whether you need to continue with the imaging process. X-ray systems have radiation that could put the foetus at risk.

Why dentists prefer cone-beam CT

Whenever the dentist needs to have a proper picture of the patient's bone structure, a cone-beam CT comes in handy. This x-ray machine allows the dentist to identify signs of jaw disease, examine the dentition, sinuses and nasal cavity as well as the bony structure of the face. With this imaging technology, the dentist can identify facial bone problems like fractures and tumours. If the dentist is planning an implant surgery, he may request an x-ray to identify potential implant sites. Prior to extraction, this x-ray can help determine areas where a complex removal needs to be performed. With this imaging technology, dentists can keep an eye for potential problems and complications that could occur during surgery. The best part is, cone beam CT offers a fast and efficient technology that makes the dentist perform diagnostic work quicker than ever.

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