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Laser Technology

How laser technology is used

Laser technology is the newest advancement in dentistry. The technology allows a dentist to efficiently and precisely focus on the area of the mouth that needs to be treated. The ability of the dentist to maintain total control over the power that comes from the laser is what has made the technology so successful. At King West Dentistry we have found that patients who experience a lot of anxiety when visiting a dentist benefit the most from laser treatment. This is because this technology reduces the need for needles and reduces pain and recovery time.

What procedures can be done using laser technology?

Dentists can use laser technology in many ways. Some of the procedures that adapt the use of laser include the following:

Dental fillings

Hard tissue dental lasers eliminate the need for traditional turbine dental drills and local anesthetic injection. Lasers can kill bacteria that live in cavities thus leading to better results in long-term tooth restoration. It is good to note that laser technology cannot be used in the replacement of onlays, crowns or amalgam fillings.

Reduce tooth sensitivity

Dentists can use laser technology to reduce tooth sensitivity. This is achieved by sealing tubules in the roots of the sensitive teeth. Tubules are the main cause of extreme teeth sensitivity to heat and cold.

Detecting cavities

At low-intensity, dentists use soft-tissue laser to treat tooth decay. The laser can be used to locate cavities.

Laser Technology 1
Laser Technology 2


Some patients, more so children, and babies, experience the tongue-tied condition where they are not able to achieve a full range motion of their tongue. This limits the patient's ability to talk, eat and breastfeed. Lasers are used to correct this condition so that a patient can have normal tongue function.

Reduce gum tissue exposure

Laser is used to treat gummy-smile patients. Laser is used to sculpt the gum tissues so that the healthy teeth of the patient can be seen.

Soft tissue folds (epulis)

Soft tissue folds occur when the dentures do not fit a patient properly. Dental laser technology helps remove soft tissue folds painlessly and without any need for stitches.

Crown lengthening

This is achieved when laser is used reshape the patient's bone and gum tissue to reveal more of the healthy teeth. This can be used as the base where teeth restorations can be done.

Tooth whitening

Low-intensity dental lasers are used to accelerate the bleaching in teeth whitening treatments.

Laser technology can be used in many other treatments among them nerve repair, viewing gum tissues and teeth, treating sleep apnea, and treating cold sores. The benefits of this treatment are innumerable. Contact King West Dentistry today and our experienced dentists will be happy to let you know if you are a candidate for laser treatment.

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