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Root Canal Retreatment in Toronto

Root Canal Retreatment

The first root canal treatment may not bear fruit. If the root canal fails, your dentist may have to repeat the procedure. When this happens, the patient is said to undergo a root canal retreatment.

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The benefits of Root Canal Retreatment

Many people shy away from root canal retreatment because of the fear of undergoing the same bad experience all over again. When an experienced professional does a root canal, the risks of failure are minimal. While the risks of a root canal fail are quite minimal, patients who would benefit from a second treatment often request for re-treatment. The procedure is likely to cost less than other alternatives such as dental implants or prosthetic teeth.

Why a root canal retreatment may not work

Though it's not a complex procedure, root canal retreatment is usually completed in 1 to 3 visits. However, there are situations where this treatment may not work.

  • Curved or thin canals that couldn't be effectively treated during the first procedure
  • Restorative devices that were placed way after the original treatment
  • New tooth decay that was unexpected
  • A new crack or feature on the treated tooth
  • Saliva that seeps into the restorative structure
  • Complexity on the canal structure that wasn't detected earlier

If you had an original root canal treatment that failed, you can approach a dentist who will bring you in for another visit. Retreatment involves the dentist removing all the materials that were added during the initial treatment and starting all over. The area is then cleaned all over again and then shaped for filling to be done all over again.

Root Canal Retreatment in Toronto
Root Canal Retreatment Toronto

What does root canal retreatment involve?

A root canal retreatment is done by cleaning up parts of the root area that weren't properly cleaned during the initial treatment. The dentist also checks for cracks in the tooth as well as on the crown itself.

General steps involved in a root canal retreatment include:

  • The dentist will start by administering a local anesthetic
  • The dentist uses a rubber dam to seclude the affected tooth and protect it from bacteria, saliva and other elements
  • The dentist will then go ahead and access the inside of the tooth removing any filling materials or impediments inside the canal. This is done using a special device that vibrates the materials loosely.
  • The dentist then cleans and shapes the root canal
  • An X-ray is done to ensure the area is cleaned effectively
  • Depending on the results of the X-ray, the dentist may choose to pick up in a subsequent appointment.
  • Upon confirming that the canal is 100% clean, the dentist will then pack gutta-percha in the area to seal the root canal and stop any bacteria from invading this space.
  • The final step involves applying a temporary filling or crown to the tooth.

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