Should I go for dental crowns?

In case the condition of your tooth calls for application of dental crowns, King West Dentistry is equipped to determine the right dental procedure to ensure you get the right treatment. The following are some of the conditions that warrant the application of dental crowns:

  • If your tooth is broken-down or completely worn out
  • Your teeth have cracks and severe decay that must be removed
  • The dentist intends to close the gap between two teeth as a dental crown or intends to cover a dental implant
  • If the patient’s teeth have changed color or exhibit an abnormal shape
  • The patient has a large cavity and the filling material cannot be supported by the natural teeth

How does it feel to get a cap or dental crown?

King West Dentistry applies state of the art of CEREC technology in offering their dental treatment. Patients can get dental crown installed in their mouths in one appointment with the CEREC.

When you go for dental crowns from King West Dentistry, the dentist will numb your tooth, and clean it to remove any dirt and decay. The first step also termed as “damage control”, involves preparing the patient’s tooth for the crown or cap. Until the crown is made available, the patient is provided with a temporary crown to act as a placeholder.

On your second appointment, the dentist removes the temporary crown and places a permanent one on its perfect place, giving you a look, you desire.

How much is a dental crown?

Many factors determine the price or cost of a crown. For instance, if you have medical insurance by your side, a crown can be more affordable compared to other types of treatment like composite fillings. The location of placing the crown and the type of crown you intend to have, determine the price of the crown. King West Dentistry helps you to make the right medical choices by helping you to fill your dental insurance forms appropriately.

How to care for your dental crown or cap

A crown can only last for a maximum of 15 years. The lifespan of your crown depends on how hygienic you are. If you maintain proper oral hygiene, your crown will last longer. To make your crown last longer do not:

Clinch your teeth
Chew ice
Use your teeth to open parcels and packages
Bite your fingernails
Contact King West Dentistry now if you are looking forward to having your dental crown placed by an expert dentist in Toronto, North York. We are available round-the-clock to provide dental treatment services to the best of our knowledge.
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