Dental insurance operates in much the same manner that medical insurance does. Insurance entitles you to certain dental benefits for a fixed monthly rate (or “premium), usually including regular check-ups, Cleaning, x-rays, and certain facilities needed to support general dental health.

We support all the dental insurance plans for the benefit of our clients

We will plan and submit all necessary forms of information on your behalf for all insured patients. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal dental care and preserve it.

We will do all we can to help you understand your dental insurance benefits and make the most of them.

Please note that dental insurance is a contract between each patient and their provider. While we are happy to assist in submitting information and forms, some policy limits on dental insurance may be lower than the cost of certain procedures. In addition, certain types of procedures that may be required and/or recommended are exempt from certain dental policies. Each patient is responsible for all dental costs incurred during their care.

Please feel free to ask us whenever you have a question about your dental insurance. We’re going to be happy to help you. We are dedicated to providing every patient with optimal care and working with you to achieve that goal.

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